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Individual Members List:

This page contains a list of all current members together with the qualification level they hold. 

To join or renew memberships please e-mail to: 

Qualification levels are as follows:
*Trainee Guide
*Raft Guide (RG) - awarded at Grade II, III or IV/V
*Trip Leader  (T/L)- awarded at Grade III or IV/V
*Guide Trainer

(nb. Grades relate to the maximum class of water on which the member has been assessed to operate)

The list below shows SRA members, together with their qualification status within the training/assessment scheme.

If your name/ qualification is not shown, but you were previously a member, but not now listed,  please contact SRA Admin urgently on

Changes to Data Protection Legislation mean that we will no longer be able to hold historic record of your qualifications unless you re-new your membership.

Names shown in RED are lapsed/previous member of SRA who have requested to re-join.

Names shown in BLACK are current members now due to renew for 2018-19

Names shown in GREEN are fully paid-up members to May 2019.


Surname/ First Name/ Qualification Level.

Adamson, Ian  - RG III
Adamson, Mark  - SRA Assessor
Aitken, Jamie - RG II

Allwood, Christopher - RG II
Amos, Martin  - RG IV/V
Anthony, Allan  - SRA Assessor
Armour, Gerry - Trainee
Aylen, Jonathan Duncan - RG III

Bailey, Joe - RG IV/ V
Bannister, Adam  - RG III
Bannon, Kevin - Trainee

Beardmore, Hannah Lee - RG III
Berrie, Joeseph - RG III
Blair, Andy - T/L IV/V
Boswell, Jacob Oliver - RG II
Boyd, Dani - Trainee
Brabbam, Jack - RG II
Brennand, Josh - RG III
Bruce, Gary - RG IV/V
Bryson, Declan - RG III

Callander, Adam - Trainee
Channon, Jonathan  - RG III
Clark, Brian - Trainee
Clayton, Jon Paul  - RG III
Clegg, Sam - RG III
Cole. Freddie - RG II
Connolly, Ally  - T/L III
Convery, Bonnie - RG III
Coulter, Emma - Trainee
Count, James Ashley - Trainee
Craig, Georgia - Trainee
Craig, Mitch  - RG III
Craig, Nicky  - Trainee
Crossan, Jamie - RG II

Dargie, Ashley - RG II
Davidson, Rory - RG II
Denton, Gary  - T/L III
Domina, Ester - Trainee
Dracup, Rory - Trainee

Etheridge, Nick - T/L IV/ V
Evans, Harry - Trainee

Fallows, Tony  - T/L IV/V
Fenton, Darren - RG III

Finbow, Thomas Owen - RG III
Forde, Craig  - RG III
Fowler, Ross - RG II

Gale, Mike - T/L IV/ V
Garcia, Azahara - Trainee

Gibson, Connor - RG II
Gibson, Scott  - T/L III
Gifford, Mike  - T/L IV/V
Gold, Sam - Trainee
Gracie, Callum  - RG III
Gracie, Grant - Trainee

Graham, Emma - RG II
Green, Liam  - Trainee
Gretton, Izzy  - T/L III

Griffiths, Carwyn  - RG IV/V

Hanley, Charlotte - Trainee
Harvey, Marcus  - SRA Trainer
Hawkes, Kaye  - RG IV/V
Hayes, Sean - Trainee

Henderson, Roy -  T/L IV/V
Hepburn, Darren  - T/L III
Holland, Will - RG II

Hooker, Liam - member
Horner, Reuban - RG II

Horsman, George - RG III
Howard,Jamie -RG III


Inglis, Ross - RG II

Jack, Andy  - RG III
Jacobs, Maxim D Couzens  - RG IV/V
Jennings, Jodi - RG II
Jones, Lewis - T/L III

Kennedy, Louis - Trainee
King, Pete  - RG III

Lamb, Pete  - T/L IV/V
Law, Martine - RG II

Leggat, Jessica - RG III
Leigh, James - RG II
Leitch, Alistair  - SRA Assessor
Leith, Jamie  - SRA Trainer
Lewis-Williams, Guy - RG II
Lister, Andy - RG III
Litherland, Rob  - SRA Trainer
Lowe, Gary Martin - RG III
Luckas, Fraser - Trainee

MacGregor, Darren - Trainee
MacHardy, George - Trainee
Magee, Emily - RG II
Mahon, Matt - T/L IV/V

Marshall, David - RG II
Martin, Nigel  - T/L III
Maule, Kevin - T/L III

Mazur, Dominik - RG II
McCafferty, Ryan - RG 2

McClory, Siobhann - RG II
McCulloch, Elleigh - Trainee

McGruer, Jack - Trainee
McHardy, Laura  - Trainee
McIntosh, Stephanie - Trainee
McKenna, Andrew - Trainee
McLeod, Emma  - Trainee
Menzies, Andrew - Trainee
Mercer, Joseph - RG III
Miles, Finn - Trainee
Miller, James  - Trainee

Montgomery, John  - T/L III
Moorcroft, Adam - RG III
Morrier, Stephen  - T/L III
Mortimer, Liam - RG II
Muirhead, Calum - Trainee

Murrie, Leonie - RG II

Nadel, Marcus - Trainee
Nelson, Garry - RG II
Nixon, Tim - RG III

Ogg, Tom - RG II
Oliver, Clare - RG II
Ormiston, Kyle - Trainee

Palmer, Nicholas - Trainee
Paterson, Alan  - RG III

Pinkerton, John - T/L III
Pope, Rebecca - RG II
Porter, Fraser  - RG III
Prior, Sebastian - RG II

Proudlock, Liz  - RG IV/V

Reynolds,Clara - RG II
Richards, Gethin - Trainee
Riddel, William - Trainee

Robertson, Andy - T/L IV/V
Robertson, Julie - Trainee
Robertson, Rosie - RG II
Robinson, Phil  - SRA Assessor
Rodger, Kyle - RG II

Rosseter,  Dave  - T/L IV/V
Rowbottom, Evan - RG III
Rowlands, Benjamin - RG III

Sellers, Reuben - RG II
Shearer, Ryan  - RG III
Sime, Ian - RG II
Sinnamon, Rachel - Trainee
Smith, Beth - RG II

Smith, Jonathan  - T/L III
Smith, Robert - RG II

Smithdale, Kieran - Trainee
Slater, Richard - T/L IV/V
Somerville, Scott - Trainee

Southworth, Andrew - Trainee
Stevenson, Taylor Marie - Trainee
Stewart, Lee - T/L IV/V
Stirling, Barry - Trainee
Strang, Dale - T/L III
Strang, John  - SRA Trainer
Swallow, Sarah  - T/L III

Targett, Paul  - T/L III
Tennant, Iain - Trainee
Thomas, Steve  - SRA Assessor
Thomson, Katie - Trainee

Thomson, Rhys - RG III
Tildesley, James - RG II
Tinney, Craig  - T/L IV/V
Tshabalala, Bongiwe - Trainee
Tully, Paul  - SRA Trainer

Vick, Jacob - Trainee
Vollum, Tim  - SRA Trainer

Wain, Chris - RG III
Walker, Kathleen - RG II
Wallington, Luke - RG III
Wardman, Neill  - SRA Trainer
Whitehead, Emma - Trainee

Whittaker, Richard  - RG III
Willgoss, Elliot - RG II
Williams, Viki - RG II

Wood, David - Trainee
Wood, Russell - Trainee
Woods, Craig -Trainee
Wyatt, Mathew - RG III

Young, Kevin Douglas - RG II