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Individual Members List:

This page contains a list of all current members together with the qualification level they hold. 

To join or renew memberships please e-mail to: 

Qualification levels are as follows:
*Trainee Guide
*Raft Guide (RG) - awarded at Grade II, III or IV/V
*Trip Leader  (T/L)- awarded at Grade III or IV/V
*Guide Trainer

(nb.Grades related to the maximum class of water on which the member has been assessed to operate)


Names shown in RED were members to March 2017, but are NOW DUE to renew their annual subscription.

Names shown in BLACK are current members to 31st March 2018

If your name/ qualification is not shown, but you were previously a member, but not now listed,  please contact SRA Admin on Please be aware that anyone who fails to renew within a 2 year period will be removed from SRA records and required to complete a re-assessment.


Surname/ First Name/ Qualification Level.

Adamson, Ian  - RG III
Adamson, Mark  - SRA Assessor
Allwood, Christopher - Trainee

Amos, Martin  - RG II
Anthony, Allan  - SRA Assessor
Armour, Gerry - Trainee
Aylen, Jonathan Duncan - RG III

Bannister, Adam  - RG III
Beardmore, Hannah Lee - RG III
Berrie, Joeseph - RG III

Blair, Andy - T/L IV/V
Black, Conner  RG III
Boswell, Jacob Oliver - RG II
Bown, Matthew - Trainee

Boyd, Dani - Trainee
Brabbam, Jack - RG II
Brennand, Josh - RG III
Bruce, Gary - RG IV/V
Bryson, Declan - RG III
Buxton, Louise  RG III

Callander, Adam - Trainee
Campbell-Young, Gabriel - Trainee
Cartwright, Ben - Trainee
Channon, Jonathan  - RG III
Clark, Brian - Trainee

Clayton, Jon Paul  - RG III
Clegg, Sam - RG III
Clinch, Ruaridh _ RG II
Cole. Freddie - RG II
Connolly, Ally  - T/L III
Convery, Bonnie - RG III
Count, James Ashley - Trainee

Cox, Andy  - RG III
Craig, Mitch  - RG III
Craig, Nicky  - Trainee
Crossan, Jamie - RG II
Currie, Rebecca  - Trainee
Cuthill, Ryan - RG II

Dargie, Ashley - Trainee
Davidson, Rory - RG II
Denton, Gary  - T/L III
Domina, Ester - Trainee

Dracup, Rory - Trainee
Drummond, Paul - Trainee

Etheridge, Nick  - T/L IV/V
Evans, Harry - Trainee

Fallows, Tony  - T/L IV/V
Fenton, Darren - RG III

Ferguson, Liam - Trainee
Finbow, Thomas Owen - RG III
Fletcher, Nathan  - RG III
Forde, Craig  - RG III
Fowler, Ross - RG II

Fraser, Carrie  - RG III

Gale, Mike  - T/L IV/V
Gibson, Connor - RG II
Gibson, Scott  - T/L III
Gifford, Mike  - T/L IV/V
Gold, Sam - Trainee

Gracie, Callum  - RG III
Gracie, Colin - Trainee

Graham, Emma - RG II
Green, Liam  - Trainee
Gretton, Izzy  - T/L III

Griffiths, Carwyn  - RG IV/V
Grimley, Stephen  - RG IV/V & T/L III

Hallam, Sam - RG III
Hanley, Charlotte - Trainee
Harvey, Marcus  - SRA Trainer
Havelin, Sean - RG II
Hawkes, Kaye  - RG IV/V
Hayes, Sean - Trainee

Heffernan, Conor - RG III
Henderson, Roy -  T/L IV/V
Hepburn, Darren  - T/L III
Hirst, Robert - T/L III
Hooker, Liam - member
Horner, Reuban - RG II
Horrocks, Dave - member
Horsfield, Paul  - RG III
Horsman, George - RG III

Inglis, Ross - Trainee

Jack, Andy  - RG III
Jacobs, Maxim D Couzens  - RG IV/V
Jennings, Jodi - RG II
Johnston, Jack - Trainee
Johnstone, Darryll  - Trainee
Jones, Lewis  - T/L III
Jones, Michael  - RG III

Keir, Nicola - Trainee

Kennedy, Louis - Trainee
King, Pete  - RG III

Kirby, Tom  - Trainee

Lamb, Pete  - T/L IV/V
Law, Euan - RG II
Leggat, Jessica - RG III
Leigh, James - RG II

Leitch, Alistair  - SRA Assessor
Leith, Jamie  - SRA Trainer

Leonard, Jamie - Trainee
Leslie, Crawford  - RG II
Lewis-Williams, Guy - RG II
Lightbody, Jessica - Trainee
Lister, Andy - RG III
Litherland, Rob  - SRA Trainer
Lowe, Gary Martin - RG III
Luckas, Fraser - Trainee

MacGregor, Darren - Trainee
Magee, Emily - Trainee
Mahon, Matt - T/L IV/V
Marshall, David - Trainee
Martin, Nigel  - T/L III

Maxwell, Daryl - Trainee
Mazur, Dominik - RG II
McCabe, Scott - Trainee

McCafferty, Ryan - RG 2
McCann, Shannon - RG II
McClory, Siobhann - Trainee
McGoldrick, Ciaran - RG II
McGruer, Jack - Trainee
McHardy, Laura  - Trainee
McKenna, Andrew - Trainee

McKenzie, Austyn - Trainee
McLaughlin, Aidon  - RG II
McLeod, Jonathan - Trainee
McLeod, Emma  - Trainee
McWilliam, David  - Trainee
Mercer, Joseph - RG III
Miller, Jack - RG II
Miller, James  - Trainee
Montgomery, John  - T/L III
Moorcroft, Adam - RG III
Morgan, Hayley - Trainee
Morrier, Stephen  - T/L III
Munro, Euan - RG II
Murrie, Leonie - RG II

Nelson, Garry - RG II

Ogg, Tom - RG II
Oliver, Clare - RG II
Ormiston, Kyle - Trainee

Paterson, Alan  - RG III
Penkala, Adam  - RG III
Pinkerton, John - T/L III
Pope, Rebecca - RG II
Porter, Fraser  - RG III
Prior, Sebastian - RG II

Proudlock, Liz  - RG IV/V

Refoz, Thor - Trainee
Rew, Rebecca  - Trainee
Richards, Gethin - Trainee
Robertson, Andy - T/L IV/V
Robertson, Rosie - Trainee
Robinson, Phil  - SRA Assessor

Ronaldson, Scott - Trainee
Rosseter,  Dave  - T/L IV/V
Rowbottom, Evan - RG III


Sandford, Eliza  - Trainee
Sellers, Reuben - RG II
Shannon, Niamh - RG II
Shearer, Ryan  - RG III
Sime, Ian - RG II

Sinnamon, Rachel - Trainee
Slater, Richard  - T/L IV/V

Smith, Beth - RG II

Smith, David  - Trainee
Smith, Jonathan  - T/L III
Smith, Maeve Eliza - RG II

Smithdale, Kieran - Trainee
Southworth, Andrew - Trainee
Stewart, Lee - T/L IV/V
Stirling, Barry - Trainee
Strang, Dale - T/L III
Strang, John  - SRA Trainer
Swallow, Sarah  - T/L III


Targett, Paul  - T/L III
Taylor, Kieron  - RG III

Tennant, Iain - Trainee
Thomas, Steve  - SRA Assessor
Thomson, Rhys - RG II
Tildesley, James - RG II

Tinney, Craig  - T/L IV/V
Todd, Ewen  - T/L IV/V
Tulloch, Josie  - RG III
Tully, Paul  - SRA Trainer

Vick, Jacob - Trainee
Vollum, Tim  - SRA Trainer

Wain, Chris - RG III
Walker, Kathleen - RG II
Wallington, Luke - RG III
Wardman, Neill  - SRA Trainer
Whitehead, Emma - Trainee

Whittaker, Richard  - RG III
Willgoss, Elliot - RG II

Williams, Viki - RG II
Wiseman, Kara - Trainee

Wood, David - Trainee
Wood, Russell - Trainee
Woods, Craig -Trainee

Young, Kevin Douglas - RG II