Scottish Rafting Association Training & Assessment Scheme

6 Day Raft Guide Training Course.
This is the basic foundation course upon which the SRA Training Scheme is based and its completion is a pre-requisite for all qualification levels, except where candidates can prove prior logged experience and/or other relevant rafting qualifications. The course is designed to provide a fundamental introduction to to the skills and techniques required to safely guide rafts on rivers. It does not assume any prior experience and normally completion will lead to Trainee Raft Guide status.
For participants with prior rafting and/or related white water experience, continuous assessment is carried out throughout the 6 days and participants can be awarded direct entry as SRA Raft Guide II or III or, in circumstances of substantial previous rafting experience at the appropriate standard, at SRA Trip Leader III.

SRA Trainee Raft Guide
This is the expected outcome for participants on the 6-day Raft Guide Training Course (RGTC) with either limited or no prior rafting experience. The award proves that basic training has been completed satisfactorily. Trainees will then be expected to gain subsequent experience through guiding rafts with a qualified guide or trip leader in the boat with them and/or through additional guide training. This will be followed by SRA technical and practical assessments to upgrade.

SRA Raft Guide
This is the appropriate award level for a guide to take sole charge of a raft within a flotilla. This will normally be attained following completion of the 6-day RGTC then, where necessary, gaining subsequent rafting experience plus a technical (white water safety & rescue) and practical (raft guiding skills) assessment.
SRA Raft Guides qualifications will be listed with the grade of water applicable to their successful assessment.
eg. Raft Guide II status is restricted to a maximum of Grade II river.

SRA Trip Leader
This is the appropriate award level for an experienced guide to take charge of a flotilla of rafts. This will require substantial experience in raft guiding (normally at least two years in an active rafting environment) and in white water safety and rescue techniques. The qualification will normally be attained following gaining experience as a Raft Guide, a technical assessment (white water safety & rescue) and practical assessment at Trip Leader standard.
The Trip Leader award will be made at the appropriate class of water.
eg. Trip Leader III status is restricted to a maximum of Grade III river.

SRA Levels Trainer and Assessor are by appointment from the SRA committee to undertake training and assessment on behalf of the association:

SRA Trainer
A Guide Trainer must fulfil the criteria of the SRA Training Scheme -and has additionally been nominated and appointed by committee – to conduct training and represent the SRA on RGTC’s, plus technical and practical assessments.
Normally this appointment will be made only following assisting on at least two 6-day RGTC’s and at least one technical and one practical assessment

SRA Assessor
An Assessor has fulfilled the requirements and has appropriate experience – and has additionally been nominated and appointed by committee – to conduct and administer all aspects of the of the SRA Training and Assessment scheme and to take charge of 6-day RGTC’s